Friday, October 7, 2016

(¯`'·.¸(♥)¸.·'´¯) #FairyTaleFriday (¯`'·.¸(♥)¸.·'´¯)

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Once upon a time, I was Morgann, a 9th century Irish calligrapher-monk.

Deirdre was my assignment, my forbidden love, a witch with whom I wrote a coveted book.
Unfortunately, our story didn't get a chance to become a fairy tale, it turned out as a famous urban legend referred as The Black Angel Book. 

In order to protect the book from getting in to the wrong hands, Deirdre cast a spell. One where I remember and she forgets. Under her spell, our souls travel from body to body until we find each other again. Eventually.

My quest is to find Deirdre, in whatever body her soul inhabits and trigger her memory. Only, the woman I find 1200 years later is not what I was expecting. 

Rose is not my type but my soul yearns for her. Every sign tells me that she is my Deirdre. How do I convince this broken, quiet and unbelieving woman that she is my twice upon a time?

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