Monday, January 11, 2016

Trapped with the Alpha

I really enjoyed this book. I received it to give my honest opinion and I plan on doing just that. When I first stated really this book I thought this was gonna be another story about how the Alpha gets the shy timid girl bout Izzy is anything but timid when it comes to fighting with Brody. Brody is the Alpha of the pack and is under a lot of stress. He knows something is missing but can’t remember what it is. Izzy was placed under a curse to watch Brody destroy himself and everything in his path unless he can remember. Its torture for Izzy to stand by and watch the man she loves go down this path for over 800 years. She is stuck in a ghost form unable to nothing by relive everything he does over and over again. Brody has no clue Izzy even exist let alone she is watching him. He has different women every night sometimes more than one. For both of them life sucks! Will it ever get better or will they be stuck like this for another 800 years? I hope you really enjoy this book like I did.